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Our Story

Marlborough Travel was born from a love of travel passed down generations. After growing up with her mother running her own travel agency from home and enjoying a childhood filled with family adventures all over the world, it is fair to say like mother like daughter as the travel bug was inherited by our founder, Bobbie. 


Taking her first flight at 5 months old, fifty-two countries and counting later, Bobbie decided to turn her passion into a business, continuing in her family’s footsteps by sharing her knowledge and experience to help others discover all that this wonderful world has to offer.


And so, in honour of her mother inspiring her to travel the world herself, Bobbie revived the family business name, and Marlborough Travel was born again.

A word (or two) from Bobbie…

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'For years people have come to me for travel advice, I love nothing more than swapping stories and sharing recommendations of where to go and what to do. When I realised I could help people to make the most of their time here on this beautiful earth whilst combining my love for travel, organisation and people, Marlborough Travel was reborn.


I believe in the power that travelling holds to expand our horizons, provide respite from our sometimes stressful

daily lives and the issues of the world at large,

and ultimately experience the tremendous levels

of joy we all deserve in our lives.'

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